What is a Patio Home in Texas?

October 3rd, 2023
what is a patio home

Considering a new home in Texas? You might come across real estate listings for patio homes that fit your home-search criteria but leave you wondering, just what is a patio home? Luckily, the answer isn’t too complicated. Despite the name, a patio home may or may not include a patio, though in most cases they do. A patio home is characterized by its architectural design, which involves sharing at least one wall with another home.

This makes patio homes similar to townhouses or condominiums, though there are also some key differences that we’ll address shortly. They’re a popular choice for those seeking a comfortable, low-maintenance lifestyle. Whether you’re a first-time home buyer, downsizing for retirement, or just looking for a change, patio homes in Texas may be perfect for you. Read on while we explain all you need to know about patio homes!

What is a Patio Home?

Like townhouses or duplexes, patio homes in Texas are what are known as “attached homes,” meaning that they share at least one wall with another home. Unlike many townhouses or condos, patio homes usually have a small backyard and/or a patio, hence the name. They are also sometimes called garden homes, zero lot line homes, villas, or courtyard homes. Patio homes share many advantages with other types of attached homes, and the biggest is that they’re lower maintenance than standalone homes. A homeowner’s association usually takes care of any landscaping and exterior maintenance.

Benefits of Patio Homes

Lower maintenance may be the first benefit that most people think of when they think of patio homes, but it’s only one of many. Patio homes also tend to be more affordable than traditional single-family homes. This, along with their ease of upkeep, makes them popular with first-time home buyers and those who are planning to downsize after retirement. There are plenty of other good reasons to invest in a patio home, including more opportunities for social interaction. Because patio homes are often built in small communities, you’ll have lots of chances to get to know your neighbors, and patio homes are perfect for backyard cookouts or quiet afternoons spent with friends.

Patio vs. Townhome

As we mentioned, patio homes in Texas share a lot of commonalities with other types of “attached homes,” such as townhouses and condominiums. Many of the differences come down to the different architectural styles in which they are built. Townhouses tend to be two stories or more and often do not include a yard, while patio homes almost always have at least a small back yard, and are usually only a single story, making them particularly popular among those who don’t want to deal with a lot of stairs.

Both are often serviced by a homeowner’s association that deals with exterior maintenance and landscaping. In the case of both townhomes and patio homes, the owner also owns the land on which the home stands, unlike most condominiums. The difference is in the home itself, with patio homes being more comparable to ranch homes and offering something with the feel of a traditional single-family home, including a yard perfect for cookouts or where the kids can play.

Community Amenities

One of the best things about owning a patio home is being part of a community. As we said, patio homes in Texas are often built in small communities of other patio homes, and many patio home communities are part of larger master-planned communities like the one at Mantua. Residents can therefore enjoy access to all the many amenities that the community has to offer. Here are just a few of the amenities that residents of patio homes—and all the rest of the community—enjoy at Mantua:

  • The Trail House offers a welcome center and gathering place for residents and visitors.
  • The Veranda Community Center is a place where the community can come together for all kinds of events.
  • Resort-style Pool gives residents a place to relax and refresh and splash their cares away, plus a
  • Splash Zone with fun water features for kids to enjoy.
  • Hiking and Biking Trails create numerous opportunities for outdoor exercise and recreation.
  • Parks and Playgrounds offer open spaces for children to play and families to spend time together.
  • The Tree Farm is a unique feature at Mantua that adds to the community’s natural beauty and provides a timeless resource for residents.

Many who have asked, “What is a patio home?” have found that patio homes provide the best of both worlds: the convenience and social opportunities that come with community living alongside the comfort, style, and peace and quiet of a private home. In Mantua, Texas, these advantages are enhanced by access to a wide range of attractive amenities, making patio homes in Texas an excellent option for those seeking a balanced, low-maintenance lifestyle in an unforgettable master-planned community.

Patio homes are coming to Mantua on 45-foot lots! To learn more about these and all the other amazing homes at Mantua and discover a life you’ve always dreamed of, fill out the contact form above to get in touch with us today or schedule a tour!