Van Alstyne Middle School

There is nothing middle of the road about Van Alstyne Middle School. Part of the esteemed Van Alstyne ISD, this middle school teaches self-reliance in a fully supportive learning environment. Educators join parents and community to create a collaborative approach that focuses on individual achievement.

Van Alstyne Middle School

As part of Van Alstyne ISD, Van Alstyne Middle School Panthers benefit from the district’s PREMIER approach: Preparedness, Engagement, Motivation, Innovation, Encouragement, Relationships.

Middle School


  • 16.1 student to teacher ratio
  • Approx. 450 students
  • Approx. 400 Enrollment per school
  • 3.5 miles from Mantua
  • A rating in academics and teachers (

Van Alstyne ISD is a premier school district providing a well-rounded, safe school experience that prepares our graduates to discover and attain their life goals. At Mantua, we have plenty of new homes near Van Alstyne ISD. We’ve included some important facts and figures for you here!

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