Home Design and Decorating Trends for 2021

September 14th, 2021
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There’s no doubt that a well-designed living space leads to a happier home life, and it’s perfectly apparent that COVID-19 has changed the way we think about our time spent at home. Spending so much time at home has made many of us realize just how important interior design really is to the overall look and feel of our homes and how much we enjoy our time there.

2021 Decorating Trends & Colors

This new appreciation for design may have led some of you to check out online articles by interior designers or read up on 2021 decorating trends and colors. Even if you’ve just been browsing Instagram more, you’ve probably seen changes in everything from color choices to décor trends.

The big home design trends for 2021 are fairly varied, and many design choices will be related to the architecture of the home, but current design trends have one thing in common: an increased awareness that making our living spaces beautiful helps us to enjoy our time in them more. At the same time, many folks are tightening their belts due to COVID-19, so we’ve also seen an increased desire to do more with less so that we can beautify our homes on a practical budget.

In other words, rather than knocking down walls and adding new rooms, we’re making the most of the space we have. Here are eight home design trends for 2021 that we’re excited about!

Home Design Trends for 2021

Zoom Rooms. More and more of us are taking meetings at home, rather than in the office. Whether we’re talking with a client on the other side of the globe or just talking to our teammates at work, we want our Zoom calls to look as professional as a normal work meeting, which means creating an office-like space, even when we don’t have a home office to work from. From choosing the backdrop carefully to ensuring the positioning of your lighting, camera, and microphone, getting a room Zoom-ready is a big trend this year.

Functional Furniture. No matter how big your home is, it can feel small if you have a busy household, especially if everyone is stuck inside. That’s why multi-purpose furniture has become such a big hit among stay-at-home families this year. Options include everything from wall-mounted desks to coffee tables that open up to reveal storage. Indeed, storage has become huge, and homeowners in 2021 are looking at furniture pieces like platform beds with storage drawers underneath and storage benches for entryways.

Spa-like Bathrooms. Whether you’re soaking in a hot bath at the end of a long day or just spending a little time getting ready in the morning, the need for a little private space in a busy household has never been more important than in 2021. Spa-like bathrooms that feel like a personal getaway are now in vogue. Some folks opt for warm colors while others go for cool, depending on what they value in a tiny vacation. Aromatics and smart speakers can provide a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. Plants in the bathroom are another popular trend. Not only do they add to the “getaway” feeling of the space, but they can also even help to improve your health by purifying the air and boosting your mood.

Dedicated Home Offices and Learning Spaces. Separating work life from home life has always been a challenge, and that’s even harder when so many of us are working (or learning) from home. That’s one reason home offices and dedicated learning spaces have become so important, but it’s not the only one. Having a home office or dedicated learning space allows you to walk away from work when you need to, and it also helps you to be more productive while you’re at work or while the kids are doing their schoolwork.

Making Use of Underutilized Spaces. All of our homes have places where we spend a lot of time—the living room couch, the bedroom, the kitchen—but they also have areas that we use less often. One big trend in 2021 has been to make the most of that underutilized space. Basements, attics, garages, and even spare bedrooms have become home offices, craft rooms, home gyms, and more!

Natural Light. Even when we’ve no longer got anywhere to go every day, we still need to connect with nature. Those walks to and from the car—or around the block during lunchtime—helped to give us a little of that when we were all going to the office, and in 2021 we’ve learned to recreate some of it at home. That often means utilizing more natural light, which is vital for maintaining a good mental state, especially during the winter months. It also means having good, quick access to trails and parks when we need to recharge or just touch the grass.

All the Colors! The most popular 2021 decorating trends and colors lean toward bright, warm, and vibrant colors in daytime living spaces. In fact, one of the most popular colors of the year is Illuminating Yellow, a Pantone color [13-0647 TCX]. Of course, more muted, calming colors are still the preferred route for bedrooms, with Ultimate Gray, another Pantone shade [17-3104 TCX] among the most popular. It’s a more muted tone that still stands up well to pops of color from wall art, decorative throws, and other accessories.

Bedrooms Decluttered. In addition to calming colors, one of the top bedroom trends of 2021 is a sleeping space that’s free of clutter and other distractions. As much as possible, your bedroom should feel like a welcoming oasis of relaxation, not a place filled with things to distract your brain and your eyes when you need to go to sleep.

We’ve all been spending a lot more time in our homes over the past year, and that’s been good for our relationship with our living space. These home design trends for 2021 are likely to bleed into 2022, and we’re excited to see what people are doing to really make their living spaces their own. If you’re looking for the perfect home to make your own, fill out the form above for more info about new homes at Mantua, a community for families seeking dream homes and an enriched lifestyle surrounded by the natural beauty of North Texas.