Tips for Buying a Home After Retirement

September 21st, 2022
buying a home after retirement

Ah, retirement. It affords you so much of the good life that you’ve been looking forward to. You finally have time to travel, spend more time with the kids and grandkids, indulge in a hobby, play golf, donate your time to charity work, mentor younger folks in your chosen field, and maybe even take a few classes and pick up some new skills. It’s also a time when many people choose to relocate. Buying a home after retirement gives you an opportunity to live in a new place, change your lifestyle, and maybe even downsize. And why not? When you’re no longer tied to a city, state or region because of your job, you’re suddenly free to live where you want to live—and to live how you want to live!

If you’ve recently retired or are retiring in the near future, congratulations! You’re entering into an exciting and fulfilling new chapter of your life, filled with opportunities and new experiences. If you’re looking for a new place to live during your golden years, we have some tips for buying a house after retirement which you may find valuable!

Tips for buying a home after retirement

Did you know? Thousands of people retire every day. In fact, the number of Americans retiring each and every day has nearly doubled so far in the 21st century. Many of those new retirees choose to relocate to a new city, a new state, or a new home. How many? According to a recent study by United Van Lines, 20% of people surveyed cited retirement as the reason for their most recent move.

You always have a lot of things to consider when buying a house, no matter the reason you have for moving. When you’re retired, however, some unique considerations come with your new lifestyle. Maybe you need a little less space now that the kids have moved out. Maybe you need a little more room because you’re hoping to have family and friends come and stay with you more often. You may be looking for something specific that you’ve always wanted in a home, such as a room for your library, a home theater, extra space for your hobbies, a music room, a home gym, you name it.

Whatever you’re looking for, you probably want it to be energy-efficient, and you might even be interested in upgrading to a smart home that can do things like control the thermostat even when you aren’t there or check for packages on your front porch. Here’s one tip to consider when buying a home after retirement: Think about stairs. Are they something you want to deal with? If not, you may want to opt for a one-story house, rather than the two-story that you might be used to.

Then there are things to consider when you’re deciding where to live. A house is one thing, after all, but the location is something else entirely. In the past, your decisions about where to live were probably governed by things like your job, your family, and so on. Now you can make the choice that’s right for you, and that includes finding a place that has the kind of lifestyle and amenities that you crave.

Sure, you can drive to the gym or the park, but studies have shown that having those kinds of amenities right outside your front door improves your quality of life. That’s why master-planned communities such as Mantua offer world-class amenities such as fitness centers, resort-style swimming pools, and much more. These amenities offer more than just a place to have fun. They also help to build stronger communities by giving residents a place to gather and get to know one another.

Of course, even though you’re retired and you’re no longer constrained by things like work or a commute, location is still important. You want to be close to nearby cities and all that they have to offer while being surrounded by the type of landscape that inspires you. Fortunately, master-planned communities are often a good place to start looking for a new home, because they usually offer everything that you might want in a new neighborhood, all in one place!

Finally, there are some common mistakes to avoid! In fact, some of the best tips for buying a house after retirement come in the form of what not to do. These include not buying a fixer-upper. No matter how much you may like to work around the house, a fixer-upper is a commitment that you probably don’t want after you retire. Similarly, while you can move to any place you please, you’ll still want to take the family into consideration. Chances are, you want the kids and grandkids to come to visit often, and many retirees intentionally move to be nearer to their families. Finally, you’ll want to ensure that you have easy and convenient access to the amenities and services you rely on and enjoy.

Fortunately, no matter what you’re looking for in a home after retirement, you can find the perfect new home at our master-planned community in Van Alstyne, TX. Our new home builders include some of the leading names in the industry, such as David Weekley, Highland Homes, Perry Homes, and Risland Homes. All of them produce breathtaking new homes that are big on energy efficiency and offer extraordinary architectural design, beautiful construction, and floor plans that you’ll love at prices you can afford!

Of course, a home is more than just a house, and Mantua offers everything you need to feel at home. From one-of-a-kind amenities that feel like a natural extension of your life to friendly neighbors who will make you feel welcome from the day you move in, Mantua is a community like no other. To learn more about homes at Mantua and discover a life you’ve always dreamed of, contact us today and schedule a tour!