Keep Your Cool This Summer

May 22nd, 2024
ways to stay cool in the summer

We’ve got good news and bad news….

Good news first — summer is nearly here! And now the bad — forecasters are already saying it’s going to be hotter than normal. But we’re not done with the good news — there are plenty of ways to stay cool in the summer, especially when you live in Mantua!

Why It’s Cool to Live in Mantua

Just because temperatures might be knocking on the door of triple digits this summer doesn’t mean you have to take shelter inside all day long — not when you live in Mantua. Our residents enjoy staycation days of relaxing poolside at the resort-style pool. And if that’s not enough water fun, little residents have a blast at the splash zone. Mantua’s hike-and-bike trails are perfect for early morning jogs or wind-down evening strolls. It’s common to see neighbors gathering in the evenings for planned and impromptu block parties, with adults chatting (and perhaps enjoying a frosty beverage) while the kiddos play before bedtime.

Summer Activities in Van Alstyne

Living in Van Alstyne gives you plenty of opportunities for summer fun, as well, with the city hosting a variety of events.

Up first is Splash Bash on June 1, offering water slides, train rides and a 75-foot zipline. (Shh….We have it on good authority that Bluey, Rubble, Mickey Mouse and Spiderman will make an appearance!) Live music can be heard during Van Alstyne’s Sounds of Summer concert series that kicks off June 15 at 8 p.m. and continues July 2 and Aug. 9. July brings Popsicles in the Park, a free event happening each Tuesday starting July 9 which are great ways to stay cool in the summer.

Those who appreciate fine cars and even better coffee will want to get up early the first Saturday of each month for Cars & Coffee in downtown Van Alstyne. Residents can also book it to the library for a variety of events, including story times, family game nights and book club get-togethers.

Chillin’ at Home

Of course, you’ll be spending at least some time at home during the summer, and you’ll want to make sure your air conditioning unit is in top working order. Mantua residents are lucky to have new AC units and insulation and windows that meet or exceed today’s stringent industry standards. But for those not lucky enough to be in a new home, you might want to consider scheduling a check-up for your cooling system. Not only will this lead to improved performance and increased energy efficiency, but it can extend the lifespan of your equipment.

One simple thing that can help your home stay cool is closing blinds and shades during the day. Use light and airy bedding — you might even consider tossing a sheet in your freezer pre-bedtime. Opt for stovetop meals rather than something you put in the oven — or invest in a countertop toaster oven that won’t heat up the entire kitchen.

Playing it Safe in the Sun

When you’re outside — regardless of the time of day — you’ll want to protect yourself as much as possible. Use sunscreen — there’s a reason you hear this a lot. Wear light-colored clothing — you can also purchase clothing that wicks moisture away and protects your skin from the sun. Something else to have handy is a handheld fan or spray fan. Cooling towels will be your best friend when you’re sitting outside watching your young athlete play soccer or baseball. Hats, umbrellas or canopies are also a good idea on game days or at the beach.

Let’s Have a Drink!

Unfortunately, we’re not talking about a cocktail. The threat of dehydration — and its resulting complications — is real during warmer weather, and the best offense against dehydration is to drink water. Experts recommend drinking cold or iced water during the summer to keep your body cool. Not a fan of plain water? Add fruit slices for a refreshing twist. You can even drink sparkling water. Athletes or others who might sweat a lot should reach for a sports drink or natural coconut water to help replace electrolytes. You can even supplement your water intake by eating fruits and vegetables that have a high water content such as watermelon, pineapple, strawberries, celery and bell peppers. Try to avoid sugary drinks and alcohol, which can hamper your efforts to stay hydrated.

Here’s wishing you a fun — and safe — summer!