2024 Home Design Trends We Love

February 1st, 2024
Home Trend Designs - home design trends for 2024

It’s a new year. Time to shake things up when it comes to your home. Where to start? By checking in with interior designers to discover the home design trends for 2024. Don’t have time to read a dozen different articles from a dozen different design magazines? No problem. We’ve done the work for you. Check out these hot 2024 new home design trends:

Inspired By Mother Nature

This year we will be seeing more nods in the direction of Mother Nature. Paint, textiles and furniture will be inspired by the natural world with walls being painted in earth tones such as brown, green and blue. Most paint companies have already designated blue shades as their color of the year such as Sherwin-Williams’ Upward that is reminiscent of the sky.

Plants will take center stage as decorative elements and will be the heavy lifters in kitchens, baths and family rooms. Those plants will need sunlight which will mean more reliance on natural lighting. Oversized windows, skylights, accordion patio doors and strategically placed mirrors will give homes a light and airy feel — not to mention giving residents a much-needed shot of Vitamin D.

Patterns and Textures

Patterns and textures will also be inspired by nature. Bouclé, fringe, rattan and other natural textures will predominate adding to the feel of being outdoors. Wood and hand­woven textiles will replace harsher, more minimalistic décor. They will give the home a more organic feel. Patterns will mimic nature so look for more florals when it comes to curtains, comforters, rugs and accent pillows.

Smarter Smart Homes

With the rise and affordability of products powered by artificial intelligence, smart homes are about to get smarter. Voice assistants like Amazon’s Alexa will soon be able to detect context and nuance so your interactions with them will feel more natural. Your smart thermostat will be able to change your temperature setting based on weather reports. Robots, such as wireless vacuums, will become more prevalent in the home and they will be controlled by your voice assistant.

Permanent Home Offices

As more and more companies switch to hybrid or completely remote jobs, the home office will go from “nice to have” to “can’t live without.” To make the office more private and comfortable, homeowners will be requesting soundproofing and buying homes featuring CAT 6 wiring so their Zoom calls aren’t interrupted. Furniture will be ergonomically correct, and offices will be painted colors that soothe and encourage productivity.

It’s So Easy Being Green

Homeowners have been trending toward more sustainable solutions when it comes to home décor for a few years now, but 2024 will be a big year for reducing waste and your carbon footprint. More people will be purchasing furniture secondhand or rummaging through grandma’s attic in search of heirlooms. Buying local will also be important as people eschew the mass-produced furniture found in big box stores. Purchasing from local artisans using local materials is sustainable and keeps money in the community.

Keep in mind that trends come and go. What’s important is that you follow your heart and personal aesthetic. One thing all home decorators need is a solid foundation, a foundation Mantua builders can give you. Stop by their model homes in Van Alstyne for inspiration today.