Energy Efficient Homes in Texas Just Make Sense

June 16th, 2022
energy efficient homes in texas

Energy efficient homes in Texas have become a hot topic recently for a variety of reasons that are so obvious that they hardly bear mentioning. Let’s just say that homeowners these days are interested in lowering their overall energy use and saving on their monthly utility bills. Therefore, prospective homeowners are highly motivated to find energy efficient homes for sale when they’re shopping for new homes in Texas because of the many benefits that energy efficient homes provide, from cost savings to peace of mind.

What is an Energy Efficient Home?

When it comes to defining what truly makes a home energy efficient, you can look at the data in a number of different ways, especially if you’re seeking out energy efficient homes for sale in Texas. Let’s take a look at how energy efficient homes are defined by the industry. Essentially, an energy efficient home is designed so that energy consumption is reduced throughout the home. That means more than a home that comes with energy efficient appliances. It means a home that’s built with materials that provide better insulation, energy efficient windows and doors, smart thermostats, green lumber and materials, and more—all designed to lower your utility bills at the end of each month.

What are the Top Five Benefits of Energy Efficient Homes in Texas?

In other words, why are so many homeowners looking for builders who make energy efficient homes in Texas, and why should you be joining them? We’ve broken down some of the leading benefits that are driving the demand for energy efficient homes in Texas and all over the country, and how they apply to your home-buying journey.

1. Money Savings!

After you’ve paid the gas bill, the electricity bill, the water bill, and so on, you’ll have more money in your pocket at the end of the month. That’s the number-one benefit of an energy efficient home and, in fact, the U.S. Department of Energy estimates that a household may save as much as 25% on their utility bills each and every month with a more energy efficient home. For most households, that totals up to more than $2,000 per year. Obviously, every home is unique, and cost savings vary, but just think of what you could do with an extra $2,000 in your pocket!

2. Greater Home Comfort

Probably the second most popular benefit of energy efficient homes in Texas—after the aforementioned cost savings—is that they’re simply more comfortable. Because an energy efficient home can heat and cool more easily, it stays warm in the winter, cool in the summer and free of pesky drafts. Plus, builders who make energy efficient homes tend to invest in measures like LED lighting, Energy Star appliances, quality insulation, smart thermostats, and more, leading to a more cozy and comfortable home year-round.

3. Better air quality

Did you know that indoor air quality may be two to five times (or even more) worse than outdoor air pollution? Did you know that the EPA ranks indoor air quality as one of the leading environmental dangers facing Americans today? From pet dander to pollen, the pollutants that reduce the quality of your home’s air are circulated by your home HVAC system. No matter how well or how often you clean your vents, some unwanted particles are bound to get into the air whenever your heating or cooling systems are running. When they run less often and your home is more airtight in its construction, the indoor air quality will improve as a result. Who doesn’t want that?

4. Greater Resale Value!

All the things that you enjoy about your energy efficient home in Texas will also be appreciated by the person who buys your home from you. Whether you’re planning to sell in a few years or not until the kids have gone off to college, experience proves that energy efficient homes for sale perform better on the market than their less-efficient counterparts. It just makes sense. After all, the cost savings we mentioned add up, and when you know you’ll be saving as much as 25% on your utility bills each and every month, you can afford to pay a bit more on the sticker price.

5. It’s Good for the Environment

Ultimately, the energy efficient features that help to lower your home’s total energy consumption are great for your pocketbook, but they also help to shrink your home’s carbon footprint. When you get right down to it, we all share the same planet, after all, and what’s good for the environment is good for our community. That kind of awareness helps to drive greater demand for energy efficient homes for sale in Texas and all over the country. When you live in an energy efficient home, you’ll know that you’ve helped to do your part to make your community—and the world—a better place to live.

Anything to Add About the Benefits of Energy Efficient Homes in Texas?

Oh, absolutely. We could go on and on about the benefits of energy efficient homes. You’re more likely to stay comfortable during a power outage, and you should definitely check with your insurance company to see if you qualify for discounts as a result of your home’s energy efficient features. While the benefits we’ve enumerated here are all important, living in an energy efficient home is about more than just saving money. It’s about the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re doing what’s best for the planet, your community, your home, and your family.

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