Why is Dallas Such a Draw for Companies Looking to Relocate

December 5th, 2022
companies moving to dallas

If you weren’t already aware, Dallas has been attracting interest from big tech companies for some time now. In fact, there are so many tech companies moving to Dallas that the city is building a tech hub that rivals even Silicon Valley.

Even during the pandemic when economic confidence was low, tech sector growth in Dallas was so sturdy and significant that Forbes called Dallas one of the “Five Cities Poised to Be the Next Silicon Valley,” while SmartAsset named the city the fourth-best tech city in the country. Many of the top companies to work for in Dallas are in various tech industries such as fintech, healthtech, information technology, transportation and logistics. Why are so many of the nation’s leading tech companies moving to Dallas? There are lots of reasons, so let’s break it down a bit.

Why are so many companies moving to Dallas?

Companies in every field choose to build headquarters in Dallas for a number of reasons, including tax policy, regulatory climate, and the availability of a skilled and desirable workforce. Dallas is routinely ranked in or near the top 25 places to live in the United States by U. S. News & World Report so it draws plenty of talent. The low cost of living and favorable tax laws and regulations throughout Texas make the Lone Star State an appealing destination for businesses of all types.

Who’s who?

While new companies are moving to Dallas every day, the metro is already home to a growing number of notable tech companies, and it’s a host city for distribution, logistics, and manufacturing centers for others in the tech sector. Top companies to work for in Dallas include Allegheny Technologies, Aviatrix, CPSG Partners, Cisco, Think Tech Labs, IBM, Texas Instruments, Telvista, Infosys, Solera, Tellabs, AT&T, Robinhood, Infogroup, Envy Gaming, NTT Data, Palo Alto Networks, Origami Risk, Amazon, Enverus, and PAM Systems. Those are only a few of the leaders in the tech sector who call Dallas home or who have expanded at least part of their company into the Dallas area in recent years. These companies cover a range of areas including mobile retail, cloud computing, network security, specialty metals production, and much more.

What’s the draw for companies looking to relocate?

As Dallas residents already know, there’s a lot going on in Texas. As the nation’s second-biggest economy, Texas enjoys the best growth of any of the states and is sitting pretty as the ninth-largest economy in the world. This is bolstered by business-friendly laws and tax policies that help to draw some of the best companies in the world to the Lone Star State.

Dallas, meanwhile, has taken this growing interest seriously and is taking long-term action to revitalize its many unique neighborhoods, including joining the nationwide Smart Cities Initiative, which utilizes technology solutions to improve communities across the country. Those who choose to live and work in Dallas are reaping the benefits of the low cost of living and one of the country’s highest job growth rates, as well as a booming housing market and plenty of incredible neighborhoods and master-planned communities to choose from.

Let’s take a closer look at a few of the many benefits enjoyed by those living in the Dallas area and working for some of the many tech companies that make their homes here:

Cost of living

Dallas is a booming metropolis with a wellspring of opportunities for great jobs, culture, dining, entertainment, and much more, but living here costs a fraction of what it would cost to live on either coast. According to a nationwide cost-of-living calculator from NerdWallet, the cost of living in Dallas is literally half what it would cost to live in places like New York or San Francisco.

Median household income

With a rapidly expanding job market and tech sector, Dallas is growing fast, which means that the median household income in the region is shooting up. Recently, median household income for the area grew by 4% year-over-year, and the current median household income in Dallas is around $73,000, with affordable, beautiful homes available for households earning both more and less than that.


The crime rate in Dallas is falling faster than the national average, and the overall safety of the metro area is regarded as very high. The Dallas region is renowned for combining big-city opportunity with small-town charm and neighborliness. According to U. S. News & World Report, Dallas still offers “the small-town feel of Friday night football games” and is filled with “people who exude that Texas friendliness with a wave or a ‘hello’ to strangers.”

Quality of life

Dallas may be the ninth-largest city in the United States, but because of its low cost of living and affordable real estate prices—not to mention a robust job market—Dallas consistently ranks high in both affordability and overall quality of life. This is helped along by the city’s vibrant cultural scene, including everything from sporting events and concerts to museums and art galleries, and everything in between. Dallas also benefits from the small-town atmosphere that is part of Texas life and the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape that offers lots of opportunities for outdoor adventure.

As you can see, there’s always a lot going on in Dallas and throughout our region. Whether you want to learn about new companies moving to Dallas or exciting events that affect our community, you can stay on top of all the latest news by filling out our simple contact form. We’ll keep you up to date on everything that’s happening around Mantua and across the region.

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